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About Our Classes


Your doctors and certified nurse midwives would like to acquaint you with the educational opportunities that are available to you through the office. Starting or extending your family is an exciting process and we wish to offer you both support and information during this important time of your life.

You and your partner are encouraged to attend a childbirth preparation class and a breastfeeding class to better prepare for your labor, birth, and recovery experience. We offer several types of classes for many different needs. Teaching our programs are experienced, up-to-date educators who provide expert one on one attention. Breathing, relaxation and comfort techniques as well as optional medical interventions for pain control such as Epidural anesthesia are explored in childbirth class. The unique role of the midwife’s care and how that impacts your birth experience is identified throughout the instruction. Partners are encouraged to participate by receiving information on what to expect and how to support the laboring mother. After delivery care is also covered. Classes also offer a social setting with other parents who may be experiencing similar concerns. By helping you become familiar with your upcoming birth experience and the options available to you; you will be able to develop your own birth plan in childbirth class and hospital breastfeeding plan in breastfeeding class! These plans will help your experience be the best it can be for you, your partner and your baby! We recommend that you register for a class that will be completed by at least 4–8 weeks before your due date.

Childbirth Classes

Initial Series is a series of evening comprehensive childbirth classes designed for first time parents or for those that have experienced delivery over 5 years ago. Besides the above description of childbirth preparation class, labor management, vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery, recovery and newborn appearance are also included topics. This class allows for “hands on” practice and time to review the information you are given. Cost: $75

One Day Basic class meets one day and provides the same information as the Initial Series but in an all day, one time format. It is for those whose schedules do not allow them to be able to take the series of evening classes. Due to time restraints, reinforcement and practice sessions are limited. Cost: $75

Multiples class is for those expecting twins, triplets or more. We also offer this class in a private setting. This is a wonderful opportunity to potentially meet other parents expecting more than one and develop a strong support system. Learn about the unique experiences ahead with labor, delivery and coping strategies.

Private classes are available upon request. These classes are tailored to your needs and are flexible based on your desires.

If you have questions or would like more information about childbirth classes please contact the representatives below:

Overland Park Office

Becky Klausner
Phone: (913) 649-5204

Childbirth Choices is independently owned and operated practice supported by The Women's Healthcare Group.

Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding classes are taught by Kristi Torline PA-C/IBCLC, an experienced, educated instructor. Learn how breastfeeding works, latching and positioning, when to feed your baby, maintaining enough milk supply, breast care, breastfeeding lifestyle, when to get help, and establishing a breastfeeding plan.

For more info or to sign-up for a class please email Kristi at